The intelligent Communications System (iCS) is a tailored version of our secure integrated communications systems.

It provides secure Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), chatting, and other specialized application services utilizing modern day smart phones. The system includes a highly secure  mobile device  management capability.

The intelligent Communications System iCS was designed and developed by NAVSEA and ICE ITS as a secure communications system enhancement to onboard naval communications. iCS is tailored for onboard ship functionality enabling smartphone communications with every crew member. The iCs system allows for dialing into existing onboard conference systems, alarms, watch stations and other legacy communications systems.

iCS communicates using a WIFI mesh network infrastructure divided into zones for management, reliability and security.  The instant access points are distributed onboard ship to ensure complete coverage and access.

The smartphone end devices run a customized dialer application, a chat application and eventually other US Navy specialized applications. All end devices communicate securely to all services using the highest grade of encryption available through VPN tunnels.