MoltenArc Cyber Shield

Reinvent your company with AI driven, next generation cyber protection.

A cybersecurity transformation of your team, group, company.

Augment your existing ISP or managed service with world class end point cyber protection.

  • Protect your people and clients
  • Protect your data
  • Protect all your devices
  • Most of all protect your business

Cyber Shield Managed Service

  • Integrated one stop cyber protection and compliance across all devices, platforms, networks
  • Delivered as a managed service.

Cyber Shield Only

  • Purchase Cyber end point protection and Cyber compliant montly reports only
  • Designed for companies that have an existing managed service

Endpoint protection

Proactive malware, ransomware, and antivirus protection. Threat Intelligence, proactive threat hunting, MITRE based attack framework.

End point management

Manage identities, software, user access, policies and devices securely.

Password Manager

Helps create, store locally, and protect user credentials on all devices and accounts.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

secures identities and managed access to all your digital resources and prevents unauthorized logins.

Cyber Security Operations Center

24/7 monitor, detect, respond, remediate threats and breaches with AI and Help Desk. Managed and run by DOD and DHS cleared Cyber analysts.

SEC Cyber Compliant Reports

System insights, detections, vulnerabilities, remediations, login attempts, vendor hardware and software reports.