We believe that it takes more than just a paycheck to motivate people to perform at their highest level so we offer professional opportunities that positively impact the National Information Infrastructure. Don’t just look for a job, build a future and help make this country more secure, more optimized, and more cost effective.

Why join our team?

Many companies provide professional services but sometimes, it is hard to tell what sets one apart from another. At ICE ITS, Inc. , we make it our business to deliver tailor-made Operations services as well as focused Information Technology solutions and security services to the highest levels within the national security sector of the federal government.

ICE ITS, Inc. is committed to recruiting, developing and retaining a diverse team of talented professionals who are mission focused. Our environment encourages employees to meet the highest standards of quality and ethical conduct, and to grow technically and professionally with a growing company. There is a reason why we have achieved a 95% employee retention rate over the past 3 years. We practice leadership instead of management, our average contract duration exceeds 4 years, we believe in fair pay for an honest day’s work, and we know that if we take care of our people and their families then we can take care of the customer and their mission.


Cyber Security Risk Analyst Position Overview.

  • As a Cyber Security Risk Analyst, you will play a critical role in identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential cybersecurity risks within our organization. Your primary responsibility will be to evaluate the security posture of our systems, networks, and processes, and provide recommendations to enhance our overall cybersecurity strategy. By conducting thorough risk assessments, analyzing threat landscapes, and collaborating with various teams, you will contribute to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our digital assets.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Risk Assessment: Conduct comprehensive risk assessments of information systems, applications, and processes to identify potential vulnerabilities, threats, and impacts. Analyze and prioritize risks based on their potential impact on the organization’s operations, data, and reputation. Develop risk assessment methodologies, frameworks, and tools to streamline the evaluation process.
  • Threat Analysis: Monitor and analyze emerging cybersecurity threats and trends to proactively identify potential risks. Collaborate with threat intelligence teams to stay updated on the latest attack vectors, tactics, and techniques used by malicious actors. Translate threat intelligence into actionable insights for enhancing defense mechanisms.
  • Vulnerability Management: Identify and assess vulnerabilities within systems, networks, and applications. Coordinate with system administrators and developers to ensure timely patching and remediation of identified vulnerabilities. Assist in vulnerability scanning and penetration testing activities to validate security controls.
  • Risk Mitigation and Strategy: Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including IT, security, and compliance, to develop and implement risk mitigation strategies. Provide recommendations and guidance for improving security controls, policies, and procedures to minimize identified risks. Assist in creating incident response plans and procedures to effectively handle potential cybersecurity incidents.
  • Reporting and Documentation: Prepare detailed risk assessment reports, including findings, recommendations, and mitigation plans, for presentation to management. Maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation of risk assessment activities, findings, and risk treatment plans. Communicate technical information to non-technical stakeholders in a clear and understandable manner.

New employees receive 20 days leave in accordance with the company’s leave policy.

The company observes 10 holidays in accordance with the company’s holiday policy.

  • Plan-BCBS CFS Blue Choice Preferred PPO
  • BCBS Dental
  • BCBS Vision

American Funds, ICE Matches up to 25% of employee contributions

60% of earnings up to 1,000.00 per week, Maximum period 13 weeks

60% of earnings up to 6K a month after end of short term liability or 90 days after accident

1xSalary up 360K

Spot awards and bonuses will be paid to employees at the discretion of the company based on performance, tenure and accomplishment.

A bonus will be paid for referrals that are hired and remain employed with the company for 6 months, the employee who referred him/her will receive a bonus ranging from $500 to $1,500.

ICE ITS, Inc. sets initial salary or wages based on skills, experience, and qualifications of the individual. The employee, based on their job performance, contract renewals, and the customer’s satisfaction are the primary factors to earning a raise.