The KPS product keeps your data safe, both in transit and at rest. This is done by re-inventing how information is protected. Kovirt Platform Services (KPS) – a proprietary virtualized network and communication ecosystem designed from scratch to keep your information secure.

Privacy Maximized.

KPS has virtualized entire classes of network node functions into building blocks (K-Nodes) that can connect, chain together, or propagate-on-demand. Like the “LEGO®” concepts, building a rich library of fundamental virtual building blocks with security and encryption embedded throughout the architecture enables repeatable quick response for maximum information security.

Applied tactics, techniques and procedures are integrated throughout our platfom. KPS’ major framework components are built from the ground up utilizing a minimalized Linux kernel, overlaying security enhancements, hardening, and designating a specific network virtual function or service to each Knode. Key features include:

  • Plug-And-Play functionality
  • Custom tailored secure private infrastructure
  • Secure Voice, MMS, SMS, Video
  • Network agnostic – Wi-Fi, Cellular, Satellite, Hard Wire
  • Device agnostic – Smart phone, tablet, Laptop, Desktop, Satellite phone

  • Multi-faceted authentication
  • Zero footprint on device
  • Log free network activity mode
  • Dynamic re-configuration and re-allocation
  • Randomized pathways
  • On-the-fly provisioning
  • Software as a service (SAAS)

KPS creates a secure closed sphere of influence in which your data (voice, MMS, SMS, video, etc.) can move freely without fear of compromise. We provide tailored solutions that allow you to determine the level of protection: who’s in and who’s out and what type of services you need. Communicate person-to-person, group-to-group or group-to-person. Our plug-and-play flexible infrastructure and software architecture allow for a wide variety of configurations. Most importantly, you can use any device across any network.