Cloud based unified communications system Private cloud that serves only you and your team. Network and device security and authentication.

OS Platform

  • Security hardened virtualized mini kernel
  • Designed for 99.999% availability

End Devices

  • Use any commercial cellular (Android or IOS), desktop, tablet device
  • Access from office, home or on the road

Virtual Private Network Infrastructure Platform

  • Secure backplane VPNs

HD Voice Quality

  • Eliminate static and service degradation with HD voice quality;

Video, Text, File Transfer

  • Secure HD Video across android and IOS
  • SecureText and File Transfer


  • Commercial, your own or our own encryption on all links
  • Encrypted communications between team members

Rapid, Quick Reaction, and Expeditionary Deployment Capable

  • Ability to rapidly globally deploy within the same day
  • Scalable to any size team

Download the SCCS Brochure for more information.