We provide our clients with a wide range of dynamic, cost-effective solutions from IT Service Management and Enterprise Network Administration to management of the entire technology life cycle.


ICE ITS uses industry-proven best practices to design, build and integrate your enterprise strategy. We work with our customers to determine the appropriate media to transmit signals, the communications protocols used to organize network traffic, network scale, network topology, benefits, and organizational scope.


Working with your team, we’ll design your network from the ground up, creating a blueprint that’s right for your organization. We’ll help you extract value from your existing infrastructure to effectively manage your Total Cost of Ownership. Whether designing a migration strategy, implementing a mobile solution, moving to the cloud or integrating SaaS, we have the professionals to help you meet your objectives.

Business Intelligence

Big Data… little problems. There is a 40% projected increase in global data generated every year vs. only 5% growth in global IT spending. Let us help you understand and leverage the datasets whose size is simply beyond the ability of typical database software tools to capture, store, manage and analyze. We look at raw data, analyze, and transform it in to real, usable information for our Government partners in order to maximize their business intelligence.


ICE ITS sustains the network from bottom to top, providing LAN Systems Administration, IV&V and development, proactive engineering, design and architecture, and the development of policies and procedures.

Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) High Security System

ICE ITS can provide full setup of the EMM high security system and full-time management of Samsung mobile devices. ICE has partnered with Samsung SDS of America to provide this service.

Manage Smartphone Devices

The Samsung Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a configuration and monitoring tool provides remote management of iCS smartphone devices. All smartphone, tablets, laptops, and end devices can be provisioned remotely, monitored, and checked configurations. The EMM user-portal feature lets you post notices, FAQs, self-service options including device lock, missing device location, and views into enrolled devices. The MDM Admin Console provides a single pane dashboard view of activity, devices, and security violations across your organization.

Bundle Security with support and Knox

The EMM is a certified Commercial Solution for Classified (CSfC) by NIAP, DoD and NSA. It offers comprehensive mobile device management, architecture and installation support along with Knox security folder support. Knox is a secure folder offering that was developed with the collaboration of NSA and Samsung. It holds certification validations from NIAP/CC and NSA CSfC.